Wolfgang Lee
Feb 10, 2024
Photo by lucas clarysse on Unsplash

my pen could not have spelt more words

inspired by you

my voice not have been

more vulnerable and honest

I could not have missed you more

yearning for your joyous being,

longing for your kisses and laughter,

and your hands gently resting on me

if I knew we would come to an end

I could not have done any better

parting with beautiful memories

and no regrets

I wish I had been more curious

about what hides in your darker corners

while not avoiding mine

I wish I had been less scared

of asking questions

less afraid to address

what in the end pushed us away

I wish I had been able to hold your shadow tenderly

and soften mine in your presence



Wolfgang Lee

Slowing down to feel, listening to understand and moving from the heart to connect -